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Magnificent Dining Arrangements

Are you likely to tie the knot and is searching for someone to help you with this once in a lifetime event? A great benefit for you could be something like a food catering. You can rest assured that with this sort of business you will be able to achieve the best quality of service imaginable. Their section of specialty is wedding catering. When it comes to your cash whether it is small or big, they’ll be there for you personally. A frivolous celebration is exactly what they can provide you with along with dinner and dancing or with simple stuffs as fruit, desserts, and finger foods. Your special day which is your wedding day ought to be one that suits your opinions and taste. This is a kind of company like Wedding Catering enterprise that assures you of making your dream into a reality. Regardless of how big or small your wedding is, the preparation will definitely jump on your anxiety. They can really relieve you of just as much stress as you possibly can.

Their main goal is perfect for you on your special day because all you need to do is to enjoy and just be there and they will do everything within their power to make the event as successful as it can be. Give them your plans and their skilled employees is going to do all within their power to make sure your dream of a perfect wedding turns into a reality. Food enterprises such as Wedding Catering enterprise has an amazing and extraordinary services that people will love the most. They even have professional and skilled chefs to prepare the foods you need. Regardless of your financial allowance; they try to provide you with an event that you will treasure for a very long time. To this end, Food Catering Companies give a number of deals and packages that you may choose to make your joyous day spectacular. A package that deals with wedding catering provides a variation of products and services that may basically suit any budget. This is definitely something which can be quite good for anyone with this kind of predicament.

When it comes to wedding, there are basically things that are needed to be done like flowers, decorations, food, etc., and instead of paying them individually allow them to make a package which will bundle them up for you and pay them in only one package. They can provide everything you need to make the happiest day of your life even more special. When it comes to decorations, they can supply you with tablecloths with ribbons on the chairs, candelabra, and serviettes ties into bundles that represent the marriage ceremony. Each guest table will have its own flowers and candles and they can provide you with sophisticated designs for the main tables for the bride and groom and also the wedding party as well. Additional decorations such as flowers, fountains, and carpers are also provided. If necessary, they can provide uniformed waiters and staff to keep your guests happy. They can also give you other offers such as doves, guest books, and much other stuff depending on your budget at hand.

Perfect Wedding Catering Services

Food is actually the most important aspect that they provide for weddings. When it comes to these Wedding Catering packages they can supply you with countless options in terms of dishes and serving options depending to your preferences and budget. They offer a buffet option or an individual plate option. They can give you complete menus or they may customize your personal choice of food. If you need special foods to satisfy certain dietary requirements, this is not a problem. Drink options include sodas and iced tea with free refills for your guests. If desired, they can offer your bride and groom with red or white wine. A wedding wouldn’t be complete without a cake so it is basically one of which that they’ll give. If you wish, you can also rent dishes, silverware, and other table accessories to them. To make your wedding extra unique they can provide you with plenty of little extras along with decorations and foods. These include a diversity of items and services.

Weddings are basically one of the most important and intimate events that can occur to anyone. And so it always proves you need to have the best during this event because this is something which ought to be treasured for a long time as this is a celebration from the union of two hearts. It does not occur to everyone so it has to be as memorable as it may be. If at some point you’re in the verge of doing it, be sure that you have the right help to get yourself ready for your very important event in your life and a perfect wedding catering service could be a big help like seeking the assistance from various Wedding Catering. What you need to do would be to pick the one that passed your requirements and necessities.

Have you been planning to host a banquet or a buffet style dinner for your company’s next corporate get-together? You’ve come to the proper place. Give our quartermaster your executive function plans and allow us to help you design the perfect event. While receptions can be nice, this type of menu will not satiate the appetites of business associates who have a long meeting before them; however, providing a full meal will keep them dedicated to the creative brainstorming necessary to accomplish the business goals you wish to reach. If you are planning to provide meals in celebration of your company’s achievements, the menu options you choose will keep your colleagues satisfied. Full stomachs will enable your colleagues to hold a discussion about theposition in which your organization stands and what it will take to move the business ahead. No matter what type of business function you might be hosting, your neighborhood Food Catering Company can offer the food you need and the rental of equipment and supplies for use at the venue.

catering food table set decoration

Preparing an Event

If your company director calls for a professional meeting to talk about and resolve any challenges or conflicts in your organization, your local Catering Company will be pleased to supply the refreshments you think essential to provide stamina for the associates concerned to work together and resolve the corporate issues you need to discuss. No matter what reason your workplace managers have for holding a meeting,our quartermaster’s job is to provide the food you have purchased for that event. The meals the food service establishment provides can keep your colleagues and clients full so they can pay special attention to the business that should be discussed instead of worrying about their stomachs.

After deciding what food you will serve to the executives and assistants in your office, the next choice you should make is what equipment and supplies your quartermaster will need to provide. While you are selecting what foods to get for the business function, be sure to speak to your caterer regarding this important decision.

The local food service enterprise you choose will be happy to offer the services of highly trained wait staff and servers. These experts are professionally trained and have many years of experience serving hosts and guests at corporate events. Along with their experience, our wait staff operates with professional, courteous manners making sure clients and their guests are kept happy and satisfied. Our establishment can also provide you and your guests with the services of an excellent crew of employees who will arrange the food items for your banquet,buffet or other type of event for which we may provide our services. The crew will gladly handle everything according to your specific instructions. You do not even have to worry about cleaning up. Between courses and at meal’s end, the purveyor’s wait staff and servers will remove the remaining leftovers, refill glasses and give you fresh dishes for subsequent courses or dessert. When the meal is over, our workers will clean up and leave the venue as spotless as possible.

With your quartermaster’s assistance, you may be relieved of the stress of preparing, arranging, serving, and cleaning before, during, and after the meeting. Should you hire your meal catering service to adopt good care of each one of these areas of hosting a meeting to suit your needs, you will gain several benefits. These benefits include fun time with your colleagues, plenty of time for organization of your ideas for the meeting and a relaxing opportunity to celebrate your company’s accomplishments. In order to accomplish all you need without requiring any work of you and your guests, our business employs chefs, bartenders, dishwashers and other necessary employees as well as those already discussed. By employing all these workers to help with your corporate event, we hope to relieve you of the stress and worry of hosting the event while trying to organize your meeting.

Private Paties

Even if your budget for corporate parties is limited, you can still hire a local catering service. Before deciding which Catering Company to hire, conduct research to see what services each company provides. Once your research is done, you can meet with the staff of the company of your choice. Give them your plans, ideas and budget. No matter what your limitations include, the employees of your chosen company will work with you to provide top-quality services.

With our employees’ help, you may have everything you require to make your next professional function spectacular.

Do you love to entertain and cook for family and friends? Have you considered starting your own business in the food service industry? If so, be encouraged. Starting your own catering services business is less difficult than you may think. The local Food Catering Company will help you start your food service establishment with little difficulty and expense. We will do this by offering you several goods and services to assist you in your new business venture. These goods and services are available at special prices. Your neighborhood catering establishment provides assistance for potential food purveyors of all types. Whether you wish to sell your products from a food cart, cater for parties, own a restaurant or provide take-out meals, we will help you get started in your endeavor. No matter what section of the food service industry you intend to enter, your local food service enterprise is happy to offer the help and support you need.

Food Service

One way in which your neighborhood food service establishment can help you get your catering company off the ground is by giving classes which will help you learn the business. These classes will teach you how to build, maintain and manage your business as it grows. Once completed, they will give you a golden career opportunity to serve individuals in your area. Once your business is off the ground, you will receive many rewarding benefits due to the professional training you receive. If you let us help you make a start in the food service industry, you will be pleased with the positive feedback you receive from your clients. Whenever you help to make their events as successful as possible, you will receive congratulations for a job well done.

Our food service provider also offers courses for making the most of your initial inventory of food items. We can give you ways to order basic foods from your suppliers. With these basic items, we can show you how to create a wide variety of dishes for your potential clients to enjoy. Our experienced staff can also help you categorize your menu items properly. Our culinary experts can teach you how to arrange party platters and to prepare a wide variety of packaged items to be carried out or delivered. These are just a few of the tips and suggestions our staff can demonstrate for your benefit.

Before starting your business, our Food Catering Company can help you with several preliminary matters. If you have hired a staff of culinary specialists, servers and business administrators, we will be glad to train them for you. With the high quality of instruction your workers will receive from us, they will be adequately prepared to serve your clients in any way possible and to help keep your customers content with the services you offer. Your local food catering business can also provide you with any equipment and catering tools you need to get your small business started. These tools are available at affordable prices. If our establishment does not have the equipment and supplies you will require, we can provide you with a list of colleagues who may be able to give you what you need.

If necessary, we can also provide you with the dinnerware and utensils you need. Once you have these items, your clients can rent them for various functions.

Before deciding on which Catering Company to use for your training, conduct research to find out which company will best meet your needs. After your research is finished, share your business ideas with the food service establishment you choose. Our staff will not let you down. They can offer courses for you and your staff in food preparation, setting and waiting on tables, food presentation and all other features connected with a catering business. Under the influence of a reputable food service provider, you will learn how to build, manage and maintain a successful catering business, restaurant or food vending venture. Our establishment can also sell you dishes, tools and other supplies to help you start your business. The best part about the services we offer is that they can be obtained for an affordable price. Let our Catering Company know what you need and we will see that you get the highest quality of service possible for your budget. With us in charge, you will be able to fulfill your dream of starting a new catering business.

Salmon is one of those foods that I am constantly asking my friends, family and clients to eat more of. It is filled with so many nutrients, healthy fats and adds delicious flavour and colour to your plate. Unfortunately, people often get bored of eating a whole, plain salmon fillet every week, which means that instead of looking forward to the weekly salmon dish, it becomes a chore. So I am making it my mission to find some fun, creative ways to eat this wonderful fish! Look out for my future blog on salmon meals, but in the meantime, I’ve summarised some of the many benefits of salmon:

1) OMEGA 3

Probably the best known benefit of salmon is its high omega 3 content. Salmon, like all oily cold water fish, is a wonderful source of this essential fatty acid which is often lacking in our diets. Omega 3 fatty acid is considered “essential” because our bodies cannot make it, meaning we need to get it from our diet. Omega 3s are needed for growth and development, for a healthy heart, for proper brain function and many more important body processes and functions.  High intakes of omega 3s are correlated with lower rates of depression, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Plant sources of omega 3 do exists (chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts); however the form of omega 3 present in plant sources needs to be converted within our bodies before it can be used. This means that plant sources are not nearly as efficient as animal ones.


Salmon is surprisingly high in vitamin D, the “sunshine” vitamin. While it is easy to reach your vitamin D quota in the summer, it is a lot more difficult to do so in winter when your skin is covered and the sun is further away. Only a few foods contain vitamin D, and luckily salmon is one of those such foods. Vitamin D goes hand-in-hand with calcium as both are needed for strong healthy bones. Luckily salmon is rich in both!


Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and most of it is stored in the bones and teeth. Calcium is not only important structurally, but it is a necessary component in muscle contractions, which means that it is important for strong muscles and a healthy heart. While dairy usually comes to mind when we discuss calcium, other sources exist too, including salmon. (4) LESS RED MEAT Increasing the amount of fish in your diet is a great way to displace red meat. While red meat has its place, it is often over-consumed in our diets. Because of the high saturated fat content of red meat, excesses put a strain on the heart and increase the risk of certain cancers. By having salmon weekly, you are replacing saturated fat with a healthy, essential fat, not to mention lowering calories and thus helping reach or maintain a healthy weight.


I am always talking about choosing colourful foods and, unlike most fish, salmon is a brilliant pinky-orange colour! An attractive and colourful meal is an appealing meal, engaging your brain in the eating process which helps you become more aware of when you are full, so you are less likely to overeat. Being engaged in your meal also helps take you out of the stressful fight-or-flight (sympathetic) nervous system and into the rest-and-digest (parasympathetic) nervous system, so that you will actually be able to digest your food, absorb nutrients and sleep through the night. If that isn’t enough, colours in foods are caused by pigments which function as antioxidants. Like carrots and pumpkins, the orange colour in salmon is caused by the carotenoid pigment, which is a pre-cursor to vitamin A, essential for healthy eyes and a strong immune system.

There are several fat loss programs available which are certainly reliable and may and can support lots of people drop a great deal of excess weight, in spite of this this doesn’t imply it really is in your ideal curiosity to attempt these items out for your self. I am in the judgment which you will need to under no circumstances acquire a weight reduction product or dietary supplement till you may have carried out thorough study upon it, so you’re able to find out how it will impact your health. Some items may well assist you to drop weight, but at the identical time they might be deteriorating your wellness. just mainly because I have personally tested it and may and can say with self-confidence that it’s beneficial for weight reduction too as all round wellness improvement, I’ve information on a particular topic that I think is usually useful to you.

The strategy I speak of is known as “occasional fasting.” after you avoid eating solid meals, advantages the physique in plenty of approaches, Fasting, a time frame whenever you When you can boost the time you spend fasting and lower the time you invest consuming meals, it is easy to drastically raise your body’s capability to burn fat and to clean and rid itself of all toxic supplies which can be accumulated in the atmosphere. can boost enough time you invest fasting and lower time you commit taking in food, you’ll be able to greatly enhance your body’s capacity to lose body fat and to clean and rid on its own of most poisonous materials which can be accumulated from the environment, Should you To optimize the advantages of fasting, you need to make an effort to speedy for at the very least 16 hrs on any offered time, plus the a great deal more you could increase this period, the extra weight-loss and health-maximizing positive aspects you can expect to practical experience. You can find several approaches you can successfully do that, which I’ll go more than now.

There are 3 favored methods of fasting:

Everyday fasts of 16-20 hours will provide you with the quickest and a lot apparent benefits. An easy method to extend a everyday quickly should be to ignore one food, for instance breakfast.

Weekly fasts ordinarily involve fasting for 1 full day, or anyplace from 24 to 36 hours. You may nonetheless see outstanding final results with this strategy, but it could be extra tough to do for many people.

Month-to-month fasts can nonetheless be very beneficial, but to determine the most beneficial benefits, you might have to speedy anywhere from 3 days to a full week. The more time fasting time will enable to get a greater cleansing effect, nevertheless it could possibly acquire a few months for you to see any substantial final results relating to general well being or mood improvement.

Fasting associated with a form is definitely an very fantastic method to lose weight promptly and boost overall health. The benefits of sporadic fasting are substantial and vary among persons. I recommend you find out much more regarding this weight reduction strategy and practical experience the positive aspects for oneself!

An increasing trend towards a more healthy lifestyle has created a surge in the popularity of organic food. Although more people are enjoying an organic diet and the availability of all-natural products is becoming more abundant, many people don?t really understand what organic whole food is.

Defining Organic Food

Organic food is grown, cultivated, or raised following set guidelines specified by the government of the country the farm is located in. These regulations typically mean that organic fruits and vegetables are grown without the aid of traditional pesticides, fertilizers, and other gardening products that contain harmful chemicals.

Animals raised for organic meats and dairy products are regulated as well. Livestock and poultry are fed a natural diet and are free of hormone and antibiotic injections. The US Department of Agriculture governs the production of organic food in the United States and has accredited 56 agencies that offer organic certification.

What Does it Take to be Certified Organic?

All food that is sold as organic must meet a number of standards regulated by the National Organic Program, but certified organic foods adhere to even stricter guidelines.

Along with a formal application and various licensing fees, organic farmers seeking certification must also submit a detailed production plan and undergo an extensive on-site evaluation. This complete certification process is required each year, so that certified organic foods ensure the highest quality in fresh, all-natural food.

There are also special requirements for the land used for organic farming. To guarantee that organic foods are truly free of chemicals and pesticides, USDA regulations require that the land is free of these substances for at least three years prior to the harvest.

Crops must have definitive borders to protect the organic ground from surrounding land that may contain or use chemical-based materials. There are also guidelines for soil management, cultivation procedures, and harvesting methods, as well as planting and crop selection practices.

Why Choose Organic Food

With so many strict regulations and procedures governing the production of organic foods, only individuals with a genuine passion for natural living produce certified organic foods.

Naturally grown and raised foods taste better and are much healthier than commercial foods. Studies have shown that organic food is better and can contain as much as 3 times the vitamins and minerals of traditional foods and organic milk shows a 90% increase in antioxidant levels.

Organic whole foods have also been associated with the prevention of a number of diseases and ailments, including breast cancer and other types of cancer, adult diabetes, and heart attacks.

Today’s organics offer tremendous variety, from typical organic fruits and vegetables to all-natural meats and family mainstays like pasta and even pizza.

Organic food is all-natural, it tastes fresh, and it is loaded with disease-fighting nutrients. It is also just as beneficial to the environment.

With the current regulations and policies in place governing the labeling of organic and certified organic foods, you can feel good about buying organic foods and know you are feeding yourself and your family the healthiest food available.

Organic Food Home Delivery has become a popular, easy way to get fresh, chemical free, pesticide free meat and vegetables shipped to your home overnight, saving gas and time. With the Internet, it is easy to shop in a matter of minutes and get vegetables fresher than you can find in many grocery aisles, and items that are certified organic and grown and raised by people who are dedicated to home-grown food from the garden, like in the days before hormones and chemical additives for growth and artificial preservation.

Of course, it is always fun to go on a Saturday, down to the Farmer?s Market and pick out fresh produce for the week, when it is in season. There are also sellers there that may buy from grocer wholesalers that are discounting prices on things for quick sale, and these people take them to the Farmer?s Market, to resell at a profit. These are not necessarily organic grown, but many people may think the seller grew them at home in their garden and this is not the case.

Your neighborhood grocery store may carry some organic food items, but because these are often higher priced due to higher production costs, they may not turn-over as quickly as the non-organic grown, or stay as fresh looking, because of the lack of chemical sprays for preservation of shelf life, so what you find may look wilted and not appealing by the time you are ready to purchase it, or they may not have it at all.

Some food items are not even grown in the United States and are imported from overseas or Mexico, and many people are not aware of how much is no longer grown here. Just like the salmonella scare that questioned Texas produce and was found to be sourced from Mexico, due to contaminated plant water used in producing, cleaning and packaging. Melamine additives in baby formula from China brought it to the attention that we import food items that most people assumed were produced in the United States, or they are produced overseas for American companies. It is hard to say where many food items are produced or under what conditions.

Organic food home delivery has started to increase, because they are able to deliver fresh, home-grown produce and other food items, even ingredients for baby formula or organic baby food. Most times, you can receive it overnight shipping at a cost comparable or less than in a grocery store. Often, it is fresher too, as it has not spent days in a truck, a warehouse or on a shelf. Sometimes, you can find products online for organic food home delivery that you cannot buy any place else.

With food chemical and disease scares and food coming from unknown origins, organic food is gaining in popularity as a healthy way to feed your family. If you don?t have the time to go searching grocery stores, or go to the Farmer?s market, organic food home delivery is a great way to get fresh, safe organic food delivered to your front door.

The benefits of eating organic food are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people realize just how advantageous an all-natural diet can be, not just for yourself, but for your entire family as well as the environment. If you have ever tried organic food, then you already know how tasty, fresh, and flavorful it is, but were you aware of all the other benefits?

Eating Organic Food is Good For You

The health benefits of eating organic food
have been studied and reviewed for several years now and are one of the primary reasons people switch to an all-natural, organic diet. Here are just a few of those benefits:

No harmful chemicals.

There are more than 70,000 chemicals currently used in the United States. These chemicals are responsible for a number of diseases, but only a small percentage of these harmful agents can actually be detected within the human body. Organic foods are grown and raised with all-natural products, chemical free. This fact brings up the question does organic food last longer which we take a whole page to answer.

More nutritious.

Studies have found that organic foods contain up to 300% more nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals than commercial food. Some of the most significant nutritious benefits of eating organic food include:
more calcium for stronger bones and protection against osteoporosisan increase in natural lithium, which fights depressionhigher levels of magnesium to lower the risks associated with heart attacksmore chromium, a deficiency of this mineral can lead to adult diabetesincreased selenium levels, a nutrient that can prevent many types of cancer


Eating organic food is much safer for your body. Not only are these foods free of harmful chemicals and higher in nutrients and minerals, organic food has shown much lower levels of dangerous minerals, including:
aluminum, which has been associated with the onset of Alzheimer?s diseasemercury, a metal that can affect the nervous system if ingestedlead, related to toxic poisoning that can have detrimental effects on the brain

Eating Organic Food is Good for The Planet.

While many individuals have made the switch to organic eating because of the tremendous health benefits, just as many have opted for an all-natural diet because of the positive impact organic farming has on the environment.

Organic farming is much gentler to our planet than commercial farming and livestock management, primarily because these farmers are more sensitive to the delicacy of our natural environment. Organic food farmers put a great deal of time into planning and managing the land used to grow foods, as well as raise animals. This careful land and resource management decreases the amount of water used and uses half the energy typically needed to grow the food commercially.

Organic food is generally farmed without destroying the natural environment, allowing the wildlife to remain in their habitat undisturbed. The animals raised on an organic farm may be dairy cows and laying chickens or they could be cattle, pigs, and chickens raised for meat. Whatever purpose the animal serves, they are raised free-range without the inhumane, and often unsanitary, conditions of commercial meat plants.

Switching to an organic lifestyle is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your family, and your planet. Simply replacing one or two of your common household foods, like milk or produce, can have a tremendous impact on your health and overall well-being.

If you’re not already one of the millions of people enjoying the benefits of eating organic food, give it a try. You can feel good about protecting the planet and benefiting your body.

1. Properly engineer your menu

No one single action will have a greater positive effect on your restaurants food cost. It involves a small investment of time and will regularly lower costs 10% of more once the system is implemented.

2. Design menus and buy with the seasons

Most prices fluctuate with seasons. Obviously this is true with produce but also with many proteins. Premium steaks, for instance, are at their highest prices during the summer grilling season and around Christmas because this in when the demand is the highest. Beef roasts on the other hand are at their least expensive during the warmer months. Building your menu to take advantage of these natural price fluctuations will increase margins dramatically.

3. Maintain a smaller menu

Maintaining a smaller menu increases buying power on fewer items and decreases inventory on hand. Buying in bulk always saves money. If it is possible to reduce the number of proteins on your menu to a smaller number, each used in multiple ways, your buying power increases. This also means that you can maintain a smaller inventory that turns over more quickly. With a smaller inventory you have less money sitting on the shelves in the walk-in and dry storage which means more money free for other uses to promote your business. The result of all of this is fresher ingredients and more liquid assets.

4. Cross utilize as many ingredients as feasible

As with maintaining a smaller inventory, more cross utilization being used in the kitchen means food and cash are moving through the restaurant more quickly. Cross utilization is especially beneficial with high cost protein trimmings. If it is possible to construct a dish or special with all the trim left after portioning flat iron steaks and add more profit to the bottom line as opposed to just making a soup of the day; your restaurant comes out a winner.

5. Mix low cost staples with high cost attractive items

A good menu item mix of low food cost popular items and more expensive items that contribute more profit to the bottom line is essential for restaurant success.

6. Rework menu items to be more profitable

Once your menu is properly costed and engineered you should be constantly striving to make each item as profitable as possible.

7. Check menu costing monthly when doing inventory

Prices can change dramatically in one month. To ensure that this is being accounted for make sure the inventory sheets being used to find end of month food cost are updated with the most current prices.

8. Track weekly sales to ensure intelligent ordering

Tracking sales allows you to know how much of each product is being sold. With this information you can tweak ordering to ensure product is fresh and none is wasted. You should never have more than 4 days worth of perishable items on hand at any given time to ensure your inventory is turning over regularly and cash is flowing through the restaurant at a regular rate.

9. Track daily product mixes

Knowing what will be sold on any given day helps with intelligent ordering. This way you can also guide the prep team on how much product to have ready for service.

10. Forecast sales weekly

Having an idea of what sales will be for the next week will keep ordering, prep and staffing on par with your restaurants needs.

11. Shop around different vendors and leverage buying power

Shopping around gives you the opportunity to compare prices from different vendors. Generally if you commit your business to one vendor they will give you a price break. Logistically this is also helpful in reducing the amount of order guides, phone calls, deliveries and payments that have to be dealt with every week.

12. Buy raw, unprocessed ingredients

Processing and packaging is what you are paying for with manufactured foods. You can bet they are using low quality, cheap ingredients to mass produce that BBQ sauce. a much higher quality sauce can be produced in house with much better ingredients in almost every case.

13. Practice good receiving habits

Ensuring everything ordered is received and in good condition as it is being delivered. This way you can reject product that is not up to your standards and ensure you get credit for that and anything not delivered.

14. Keep accurate books to avoid double payments

An up to date ledger makes sure all your vendors are paid one time and promptly.15. Buy based on quality not brand

A label is just that, a label. Many times it is possible to get a product of the same or better quality than the one you are using for less money. The only way to find the best products for the lowest cost is to shop around and test them out.

16. Train Fo

H to sell high profit/ low food cost menu items

Your already should have your menu designed to sell the most profitable items. Once this step is done the Front of House, your sales team, should also be trained to help sell these items. Whenever a new employee starts they should have a menu tasting along with being given all the ingredients, dietary information and selling points of each dish. Whenever the menu is changed, there should be a staff meeting and tasting so everyone can become familiar with the new items. Knowledgeable servers provide better experiences for guests and create more profit for you.

17. Standardize recipes and plating manuals for the kitchen

Standardized recipes are critical for maintaining low food cost. “A little bit of this and a little bit of that” is no way to run a successful business. There should be at least one book, preferably per station, that outlines every recipe, cooking method and plating procedure in detail. This way staff can be held accountable for executing service correctly.

18. Train kitchen staff on proper portion control

Kitchen staff should all know which ladles and scoops should be in each ingredient. They should know the portion sizes of proteins, starches, vegetables and sauces to produce dishes at the cost which was intended. You give them all of this information through standardized recipes and procedures and then you must hold them accountable.

19. Do daily random spot checks on portioning

The best way to hold you staff accountable for portioning is daily, random spot checks. Place a couple of each portioned protein on the scale to ensure they are the proper weight. Do this at random with everything else that is portioned. If ingredients are in piping bags or squeeze bottle ask one of the cooks to place a portion onto a plate and place that on the scale. Double check that all of the proper utensils are being used. Ask staff random questions about portion sizes. If there are discrepancies, show your staff were they can find all of this information and stress the importance of portion control in their jobs.

20. Ensure kitchen staff knows the importance of proper scraping, condensing and rotation

Just as important as portion control is proper scraping, condensing and rotation. Empty containers always need to be scraped with a spatula to ensure none of the product you paid for is being wasted. Product needs to be in the smallest possible container to keep storage areas uncluttered and make room for more product to be prepared. FIFO(First In, First Out) must always be used to ensure older product is used first preventing any unnecessary waste. No exceptions.

21. Construct recipes to yield as much as possible without spoilage

Recipes that supply you for a longer period will lower food cost because you can but more product at a time which lowers the cost of ingredients. There will also be less being wasted on tools and utensils which are the hardest items to properly scrape.

22. Taking accurate, regular inventories of all product

Regular accurate inventories allow you to track all of the product entering and leaving you restaurant. This is essential not only for tracking costs but also for troubleshooting operational issues. It is impossible to tell what the problem is with your operation without know what you start and end with. This in combination with sales mixes, Menu Engineering and waste sheets should allow you to narrowdown where problems are with food cost.

23. Engineer the menu quarterly for cost, popularity and profit Menu engineering is an ongoing process used to make your restaurant more profitable. To be fully effective the menu should be engineered with every menu change and a minimum of 4 times per year.

24. Immediately address any discrepancies that arise

Any problems that come up with food cost need to be addressed immediately to ensure your business stays profitable.

Everyone wants to be able to save money on their grocery bill without giving up healthy, delicious meals for their family. Most of us are not only trying to save money, but are also trying to pack as many things into our busy days as possible. Here are a few tips on how to save money and time getting what you need on your grocery list.

Planning ahead is one of the most important things you can do to save money and time. Sit down with a flyer from your local Sobeys store and a pen and paper and create a list of what you would like to serve every night for dinner. Let the weekly sales on main course items like meat and fish be the guide for what you serve.

For especially good prices, buy a large amount to freeze for the future. Sobeys carries a large selection of in season produce that is fresh and healthy. Try to make recipes that take advantage of vegetables that are in season. Try to do some advance food preparations if you have a particularly busy week planned. This will save you money as you won’t be tempted to purchase unhealthy expensive fast food.

While you are at it, why not cook a large batch of something everyone loves, like stew or homemade soup, and store some for the future? Remember to carefully label everything going into your freezer to prevent wasted money on freezer burned items. If you are really in a bind, pop into Sobeys deli department and purchase a fresh pre-made main course. This is a much healthier and less expensive option than ordering fast food. Depend on Sobeys for all your grocery needs. Visit Sobeys for healthy recipes and meal suggestions. Eating well doesn’t have to be expensive.